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We believe you deserve a unique gym atmosphere, one that was not just about scanning your pass and going unnoticed. Our vision at Relentless Iron is to create a community not only amongst adults, but amongst adolescents as well to encourage a better future for all. Our core values include honesty, authenticity, and confidence. We want to be recognized as a company of good character. Holding ourselves true to our values will contribute to better a community, both in and out of the gym.

Relentless Iron members are encouraged to "keep it real." An authentic fitness journey is more than just your highlight reels. Acknowledging failed attempts is equally as important as celebrating your successes. As members of the fitness community ourselves, we know what a struggle it can be to stay on track, and we understand that it's easy to get stuck in the same routines. We want to use your opportunities for growth to help you overcome any challenges you're facing.

One-on-One training

group training

nutrition coaching

youth athlete training

not another big box gym

We will be limiting the number of members joined to ensure there aren't long wait times for equipment, and to make you apart of our existing community, brought over from the home gym

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what makes relentless iron different?


Clear communication starts with us listening to you. Let's have a conversation about where you are vs. where you're heading. Use our app to keep you accountable in and out of the gym. Complete your weekly check-ins so our conversations can be more thorough as you move through your journey. Be open and honest about your strengths and your struggles, and we will be there every step of the way.

mental health

What better way to clear your mind than iron therapy? Our smaller, club-like atmosphere can accommodate individuals looking to throw some headphones in and focus on themselves, those looking to find their people and workout together, and anyone in between.


Fitness and moving are important at all stages of life. If you're feeling left out, this is your community. If you're navigating who you want to be, this is where you can thrive. If you're looking to help yourself while continuing to help others, this is where you can find balance. You are not alone, no matter where you are in your current fitness journey.


We can guide you through every step, without the overwhelming sensation of feeling like you "can't do it." We understand that you can't go from couch hero to superhero overnight. We will establish realistic goals and take the steps to get you where you NEED to be.

no intimidation

Whether you're a first-time gym goer or an experienced workout guru, we're ready to accommodate anyone who is willing to show up and put in the work.



Alex is the BEST. That is an understatement! No one cares about the health and well-being of their clients like Alex does. He truly loves what he does, and practices what he preaches. He takes the time to explain everything you don’t understand. He constantly watches your form with your exercises, and has you make corrections as needed so you don’t get hurt. He can alter ANY exercise around any injuries or issues you might have. I have learned SO much from him. At 46, I’m in the best shape of my life! He also provides nutritional advice and meal plans. If you need a positive force in your life to get you moving and on track to a healthier, happier lifestyle-stop looking. You found him.

Jenn Y

Alex is the best trainer I’ve ever had!! Every workout is geared towards me, my body type and my goals. His positive and inspirational attitude always makes me want to push harder to reach my goals. He has assisted me on nutritional health as well as physical health. Alex has helped me lose weight and inches to feel great again! He cares about each one of his clients and makes the workouts so much fun!

Lisa K

Alex is extremely patient and motivating! He changes up the routine and keeps it fun!! He is also good with modifying the excercise when I have had some pains. He reminds me to maintain proper form while I am working out. I highly recommend Alex as a personal trainer/coach. He is truly passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Shari R

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