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As a lifelong Quakertown local and now business owner, Alex has seen this community evolve into what it is today. He's reflected back on himself as the kid working at the Q-Mart, to doing more nitty gritty work as a construction worker in his twenties, and now being a father and a husband, working with his tight-knit list of clients in his home gym. With his history and knowledge of being the least favorite player on the school sports teams and growing into the well-rounded athlete he is today; Relentless Iron is the next step to continuing his personal growth whilst helping others grow themselves. You may already be familiar with Alex, as he has frequented local gyms, and even managed one, over the course of the last 15+ years. He's been the "new guy" at the gym, the guy filming for his America Ninja Warrior tryout, the guy training for his bodybuilding shows. He's also been the guy burnt out from work but still showing up, and the father running on minimal sleep but still heads to the gym to clear his head. He has always had a passion for the fitness industry but faced many challenges turning his passion into a career. Now that these challenges have been overcome, Alex is ready to expand his in-home business and offer a variety of training to teenagers looking to become better athletes, and adults looking to commit to a healthier lifestyle. 

meet danielle

From a young age I was always involved in sports, and athletics have always been a huge part of my life. From a relatively young age, I was also uncomfortable with my body; always felt like the “fat kid” even though, looking back that probably wasn’t really the case. Around the age of 16, in addition to sports, I decided to take better control of my diet and exercise regimen. Unfortunately, I became obsessed which lead me down the path of becoming anorexic. Thankfully, with the help of a recovery program I haven’t looked back down that path. I believe these experiences are what made me decide to pursue a degree in exercise science. After graduating from Bloomsburg, I started my career in personal training and I absolutely love it. Helping others has always been something I enjoyed and I think my experiences have helped me relate to many of my clients. 

I think of fitness as a lifestyle, like diet, it’s not about quick fixes. It’s more of a journey that can take many twists and turns and sometimes you need to recalculate to get to your destination.


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