personal training

This is for those needing the extra attention, typically this training is best suited for those who are beginners to assure you’re lifting with proper form to reduce the risk of injury and to those wanting that extra accountability to there workouts even if you’re already on the right path. Perhaps you have a different goal in mind of getting ready for a race, or how to work on some imbalances to get you ready for a sport. 


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group training

This is best suited for those that are educated on proper form prior to training. Usually it would be best to get some one on one time, and then you can move over to this category later on. This training consist of strength and conditioning, you’ll be using everything from dumbbells, barbells, bodyweight, to boot camp style of tires, slam balls, battle ropes, row machines, skiergs, sleds, and our favorite, the fan bike. We will program each week to create a full body workout and body conditioning to hit all you needs. And if there is any exercise you won’t be able to do, simply bring it up with the coach and we will show you a modified version to keep you on track.

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nutrition coaching

Our coaching services helps you stay accountable with a MACRO assignment and meal plan to match your goal. With this you’ll have weekly check-ins learning how to hit your nutrient needs using MyFitnessPal to track your food. This will require you to weigh your food with a scale and plug everything into your log so we can help guide you, because we can only help with what we see. 

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